Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes LP ("Blue Jay" Coloured Vinyl)

LP / "Blue Jay" Coloured Vinyl Edition
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AMORPHIS (Finland) - Tales From The Thousand Lakes LP (2022 Relapse re-press on "Blue Jay" coloured vinyl - limited to 1,750 copies). Relapse Records is proud to announce the vinyl re-pressing of the longstanding Finnish Metal masterpiece that forever took the genre to new heights, "Tales From The Thousand Lakes."

This, Amorphis' 2nd full-length studio album, is an absolute classic within the Metal world. No band can be said to be quite like them. The combination of beautiful melodies, with really heavy rhythm guitar, and keyboards, plus the low, low, LOW vocals of Tomi Koivusaari make for a very interesting combination.

Simply irresistible and compelling. The music contained within is very powerful, without being bombastic or relying on speed. If you consider yourself a fan of Melodic Metal (Maiden, Priest, Helloween, etc) but are open-minded enough to go beyond the parameters of Classic Heavy Metal, especially in terms of the vocals, you are definitely going to enjoy Tales From The Thousand Lakes. -- Relapse Records – RR7414, Relapse Records – RR47891

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