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Funeral Chant - Dawn Of Annihilation LP (Bone White Vinyl)

LP / Bone White Vinyl
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FUNERAL CHANT (USA) - Dawn Of Annihilation LP (2021) Released by Carbonized Records (USA) on Bone White Vinyl in a single LP matte-finish jacket with double-sided gatefold insert & download card.

In sticking with the primal surge of blackened death metal origin Oakland, California-based quartet Funeral Chant manage to plant themselves in mind not only for the spectacle of their decisive riffcraft but for the inspired demo tape-level ferality of their morbid death metal attack.

“Death, Darkness and Evil” is as complex as their collective inspiration needs to be in conjure of Dawn of Annihilation yet there is great precedence for and lineage available to this specific style of frayed and burnt-edged craft. Expect a series of leaps and bounds made beyond their self-titled EP (‘Funeral Chant‘, 2017).

The pure death metal side of Funeral Chant blends late 80’s Floridian Death Metal’s high-rate riff standards with cutting edge classicist idealization out of Europe and South America since.

The riff-focused destruction of the first Kaamos (Sweden) record, the maniac proprietorial aggression of Degial and the thrashing/blasting command of Mortem (Peru) come to mind but ‘Dawn of Annihilation’ has its own feral Blackened-Death attribute when it comes time to brood and decompress. -- Carbonized Records – ASH015

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