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High Command – Eclipse Of The Dual Moons LP (Black Vinyl)

Sealed LP / Black Vinyl
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HIGH COMMAND (Worcester, Massachusetts USA) – Eclipse Of The Dual Moons (sealed LP copy) (2022) Released by Southern Lord (USA) on Traditional Black vinyl. With their 2nd full-length studio album, Eclipse Of The Dual Moons, HIGH COMMAND take their love of storytelling a step further, deepening and widening the world of Secartha, the realm of HIGH COMMAND’s songs. The band place themselves as omniscient narrators of the world they have created, and say that they are inseparable from Secartha and its people.

“It’s one thing to make a good Metal record, but it’s another to put on top of it a sort of overarching story that makes sense to listeners. The whole HIGH COMMAND project is enriched by lyrics articulating characters, a world, and trials faced within it. We want our records to be immersive and leave listeners with a feeling they’ve experienced something bigger than the music.”

It’s not just a question of widening the world, which the band first started exploring on The Secartha Demos (2016); "Eclipse Of The Dual Moons" sees HIGH COMMAND honing their process to a fine art “it’s like we started with chiseling a rock… this record is the moment the rock in question begins to look like an actual sculpture.” -- Southern Lord – LORD296

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