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Ignite - Ignite (Self-Titled) LP (Black Vinyl)

Sealed LP / Black Vinyl
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IGNITE (California, USA) - (Self-Titled) (sealed LP copy) (2022) Released by Century Media Records (USA) on Traditional Black vinyl. After half a decade of not releasing new music Orange County's most notorious Melodic Hardcore force IGNITE are ready to get back to work with their new vocalist Eli Santana up front and a new album in hand.

“It’s a new chapter for IGNITE,” reaffirms Brett. “But there’s a lot of looking back to some of our earliest records like Call on My Brothers and having the same feeling writing these songs with a new singer.” In these Southern California stalwarts’ minds, the more things change, the more they stay the same. “This is what we love doing – as it was in 1993 and as it is now.” -- Century Media – 19439982491

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