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Luzifer - Iron Shackles LP (Black Vinyl)

LP / Black Vinyl
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LUZIFER (Germany) - Iron Shackles LP (2022) Released by High Roller Records (Germany) - on Traditional Black vinyl - limited to 400 copies. Following their Rise EP in 2015 and 2018's Black Knight 7" single, North Rhine-Westphalias Luzifer, a side project of German thrashers Vulture, are ready to unleash their first full-length album unto the world. Luzifer were originally formed in the city of Hamm in 2009 by Leo Steeler (bass) and Genzider (vocals, guitar, drums).

For Iron Shackles, the band has been joined by an additional band member on drums. Stefan Castevet explains: Luzifer are now a threesome. When Gereon Deceiver joined Vulture, it just happened. He is playing drums for Luzifer as well, handles background vocals and has also contributed to the songwriting. He has injected a lot of energy into the project during its final phase. He is a true blessing for Luzifer as I haven't been sitting behind the drums for ages.

Iron Shackles was recorded in the bands rehearsal room and at home, with producer Marco of Hellforge Studio at the helm. The record sounds pretty original, and its quite hard to pin down specific influences. We do not strive to be the most original band in the world, laughs Stefan Castevet. Our style has developed over the years and is a direct result of what we have done with Vulture. -- High Roller Records – HRR 854

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