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Necrophobic - The Third Antichrist (2022 Re-issue) LP (180gram Black Vinyl)

Sealed LP / 180gram Black Vinyl
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NECROPHOBIC (Sweden) - The Third Antichrist (sealed LP copy) (2022 Century Media re-issue on 180gram Black vinyl - includes LP-sized booklet and poster). Completely remastered by Dan Swanö. Well holy fucking shit, what do we have here? Another classic album by the Swedish Death-Metallers Necrophobic, making this their third (originally released in 1999) utterly fantastic release in a row.

If you have heard their previous two releases “The Nocturnal Silence” (1993) and “Darkside” (1997), this doesn’t stray too far from that furious Thrash/Black influenced Death Metal sound. This may seriously be Necrophobic’s finest release as every musician is absolutely on top of their game: from the insanely addictive tremolo-picked guitar riffs to the eerie lead guitar work scattered gloriously throughout every song, this release borders on perfect.

The production is damn fine and every element of an awesome Satanic Death Metal record is in tact: tasteful drumming with intense blast-beats and rhythmic diversity to complex bass-lines which absolutely compete with the fucking stellar guitar wizardry. “The Third Antichrist” is that fucking good. It truly is a Metal gem to behold, and of special mention are the killer vocals as well as the fucking awesome lyrics. Complex Satanic Death Metal with melodic underpinnings has never sounded so good. -- Century Media – 19439995741

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