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Stormruler – Sacred Rites & Black Magick (2XLP) Black Vinyl

Sealed 2XLP Black Gatefold Vinyl
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STORMRULER (Missouri, USA) - Sacred Rites & Black Magick (sealed 2XLP copy) (2022) Released by Napalm Records (Austria) on Double Black gatefold vinyl. The US-American Black Metal duo STORMRULER celebrated their breakthrough in 2021 with their debut album Under A Burning Eclipse, which received great praise. Dubbed "one of the best Black Metal albums of the year" by Decibel Magazine, STORMRULER delivers raw, Atmospheric Black Metal drenched in flamboyant lyricism. At the end of 2022 the band, consisting of Jason Asberry (vocals/guitar/bass) and Jesse Schobel (drums/vocals), are back with "Sacred Rites & Black Magick" - with even more unrelenting intensity and a haunting aura.

As on Under A Burning Eclipse, Sacred Rites & Black Magick has a nifty interlude between each song that builds the atmosphere and provides the album's thematic intensity. The opening "Hymns Of The Slumbering Race" begins with echoing acoustic guitars and introduces piercing riffs. "Internal Fulmination Of The Grand Deceivers" flashes STORMRULER's imperial Black Metal, which shines with heavy basses and blast-beats before evolving into an icy atmosphere topped with smoky vocals.

Thrilling guitars ensure an interplay between relentless frenzy and outstanding leads. Similar epic songwriting, lush lyricism, and skillful dynamics feature in tracks like "Entranced Within The Moon Presence," the intricate closes the album with some of the most menacing riffs and leads, fittingly drawing the curtain on the band's 2nd full-length studio album. Produced, mixed and mastered by Gabe Usery at Encapsulated Studios and featuring stunning artwork by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design, Sacred Rites & Black Magick weaves epic tales of war, history, black magic and sorcery beyond the confines of Black Metal and brings a unforgettable conceptual journey that every Metal fan should hear. -- Napalm Records – NPR1162VINYL

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