Tomb Mold - Manor Of Infinite Forms LP (Cloudy Orange Crush Vinyl)

LP / Cloudy Orange Crush Vinyl
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TOMB MOLD (Ontario, Canada) – Manor Of Infinite Forms LP (2022 20 Buck Spin re-press on Cloudy Orange Crush vinyl). Bubbling up from the oozing sewers of Toronto like a bizarre insectoid of mutant genotype, Tomb Mold reanimates with their 2nd full-length studio album, ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’. Constructing monumental towers of obscure shape, jarring yet coherent, Tomb Mold compositions evoke a distorted world alongside our own where all manner of oddity and peculiarity are permitted. This album definitely put the band at the forefront of the contemporary Death Metal scene.

Technically flawless but still extremely heavy and aggressive, Manor Of Infinite Forms is a modern Death Metal masterpiece. -- 20 Buck Spin – SPIN101

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