Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance LP (Cloudy Royal Blue Vinyl)

LP / Cloudy Royal Blue Vinyl
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TOMB MOLD (Ontario, Canada) – Planetary Clairvoyance LP (2022 20 Buck Spin re-press on Cloudy Royal Blue vinyl). Recklessly devouring the world into a vortex of alternate dimensional planes with ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’, Tomb Mold has crashed through boundaries with the impact of an ocean sized asteroid. Somewhere between outer space, inner space and the unseen dark matter in between all space they’ve devised an alchemical formula both crushingly oppressive and rapidly expanding outward in every direction.

Waking from stasis for the third time in three years, their 3rd full-length studio offering ‘Planetary Clairvoyance’ is the sum total of knowledge gained and aeons absorbed, concentrated into a single massive tome of arcane wisdom and implausible physics. Like the album’s cover art, it exists in a domain of alien anatomical abnormality, malign flora and cold void desolation, warping and deforming the familiar into unknown obscurity. -- 20 Buck Spin – SPIN114

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