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Hank III's 3 Bar Ranch: Cattle Callin LP

HANK III - Cattle Callin' (2011) matches the staccato fire music of professional cattle callers with speed-metal instrumental thunder. It must be heard to be understood. Hank3 went to great lengths to get professional cattle callers to participate in this project and was recently quoted in the New York Post explaining the idea this way, “My granddad (Tommie Yeargain Sr., who died last year at 88) used to sell cows, and I used to go to the auction barn with him. 


I was always fascinated by the speed these guys had, and I’ve also always been fascinated by the speed of Heavy Metal drummers like Pete Sandoval (of Morbid Angel), Dave Lombardo (of Slayer) and Gene Hoglan (of Dethklok). And I was like, man, that seems like a natural fit.” He is right to point out the musical nature of the cattle-caller craft and it is on fine display on this very unique album.  Hank 3 Records – H3-02

Hank III's 3 Bar Ranch: Cattle Callin LP


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