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88 Fingers Louie - Back On The Streets LP

88 Fingers Louie - Back On The Streets LP

  • 88 FINGERS LOUIE (Illinois, USA) - Back On The Streets (2019 Mr. Precision Remix version on Transparent Red vinyl) This band, despite numerous break-ups, has been one of the most consistant Hardcore Skate Punk bands of our era. This album was originally released in 1998, and will rock your ass from start to finish. Songs like "Tomorrow Starts Today", "Worst Man Won" and "Two Faced Bastard" are the perfect combination of Hardcore and Punk Rock, while others like "Drunk and Ugly", "Newspaper", "Elmer's" and "Summer Photos" are more like the punk songs that I've come to love from this band. The entire album is done with extreme precision and,if you ask me, some of the best talent in the punk rock world. The guitar work is amazing on every song,and the drums literally leave me speechless. "Back On the Streets" also contains an incredible cover of Bad Brains' "Fearless Vampire Killers". It blows the original out of the water. It may be just because I've been a fan for so long, but I have yet to hear any band breach the boundries of punk and hardcore as well as 88 Fingers Louie does. Hopefully, we haven't seen the last of them.

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