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A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide LP


A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide LP

  • A WILHELM SCREAM (MA, USA) - Career Suicide LP (2021 Creator-Destructor Re-issue on Neon Green in Blue Colour-in-Colour vinyl - limited to 500 copies worldwide. Originally released through Nitro Records, "Career Suicide" is arguably A Wilhelm Scream’s most popular record.  The first ten minutes (or first three tracks) truly capture you. The first song “I Wipe My Ass With Show Biz” is a quick rager filled with massive vocals from Nuno and a guitar solo outro with the band’s amazing use of harmonies.


    The lyrics are a great commentary and parody of the current music industry as well. Then comes “5 To 9” which is a rowdy and Thrashy, mega-anthem. And finally, “The Horse” is not only a track that stands out in the album, but the band’s whole discography. It is a five-minute journey filled with incredible guitar and bass tapping techniques and soaring vocal harmonies. Listening to all three songs in order is an experience in and of itself.


    That being said, there is a still an amazing amount more to be explored on this record. Later tracks like “Get Mad You Son Of Bitch!” and “We Built This City (On Debts And Booze)” show A Wilhelm Scream’s ability for writing incredibly clever lyrics and catchy, sing-along choruses.


    There is no question that A Wilhelm Scream’s Career Suicide was (and still is) a major accomplishment of the band’s career and they did a hell of job with this brand new 2021 Creator-Destructor reissue. The album will most likely always be one of their stand out releases in their discography.  Overall, Career Suicide is a very, very good album, full of fantastic musicianship and diversity.  AWS have remained one of the best and most interesting Punk bands out there in the scene today.  There are no complaints here though, for so long as they continue to churn out fresh-sounding albums, their loyal fanbase will surely be satisfied.  Creator-Destructor Records ‎– CD072



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