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A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner (Digipak CD)

A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner (Digipak CD)

  • A WILHELM SCREAM (MA, USA) - Ruiner (Digipak CD) (2005).  There is no restraining the rage and angst that A Wilhelm Scream captures on this album. It permeates every track until the record almost bleeds through the speakers with the animosity and drive exhibited. They have the tenacity of Rage Against The Machine, without quite the political slant; they have the operatic capacity of Queen with more determination; and finally they have the fuck-it-all attitude of The Sex Pistols while maintaining a Thrash Rock edge that never gets old.

    It is no easy task translating the energy this band emits onto such a rigid entity as this album, but it is done with stunning accuracy, capturing every turn of phrase and ignitable change without losing any of the instruments' content in the fray. Production (by Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson) does all this and more, almost highlighting the empty spaces between tracks as its own presence. Walking a delicate line the production aptly balanced the melee of drums, guitar and vocals to keep all distinct while raising the intensity without losing any of the parts.

    Drums carry the themes of each song with split-second timing changes that show skill and emphasis, yet don't shy away from beating the crap out the kit when necessary. Guitars weave nice individual lines into the whole that don't distract from the main lines, and determinedly add back to the main for crescendo highs. Vocals nicely use a double-up effect with a backing up or down a third to enlargen the sound and fervor, while the main vocals speak directly to the material showing the truth of the material. Not for one second does this band come across as artificial, as they give all indication of potency and determination to bring it.

    And they keep bringing it over the course of this record, never faltering of flailing, just proving to be an infinite reactor for pure unadulterated energy.  **originally published on by bishop**  Nitro Records – 15866-2


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