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A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner LP


A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner LP

  • A WILHELM SCREAM (MA, USA) - Ruiner (2021 Creator-Destructor Re-issue on Red/Grey/Black Pie Slices tri-colour vinyl - limited to 500 copies worldwide).  This album is technical as hell, and the band can start and stop and switch tempos on a dime. Many of the tracks found on Ruiner are speedy, rapid-fire songs, but as a change of pace, A Wilhelm Scream slowed the tempo a bit, creating darker sounding songs. 

    Brilliant stand-out songs such as "The King Is Dead" (possibly one of the best album-opening songs you'll ever hear) and "Me Vs. Morrisey In The Pretentiousness Contest (The Ladder Match)" make up the majority of Ruiner.

    The kicker, however, is that each song has its own identity: For example, "Congratulations" is a one minute thirty second blast of aggressive Pop-Punk, "Cancer Dream" boasts a seriously Metal lead riff, and "When I Was Alive: Walden III" ends on a spectacular three-part harmony and "whoa-oa." There's something about each song that makes it worth listening to, which makes for an extremely high replayability value.

    Ruiner is a breath of fresh air for the Punk music scene, and is every bit as good (possibly even better) as the band's debut, Mute Print.  I cannot recommend this album (or this band) enough!  **originally published on**  Creator-Destructor Records ‎– 71


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