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Aggression - The Full Treatment CD


Aggression - The Full Treatment CD

  • AGGRESSION (Quebec, Canada) - The Full Treatment CD (2016 Morbid Moon Records Re-issue - Canada).  This album was originally written and recorded back in 1987. 

    Contrary to other Quebec bands, Aggression played a more straightforward Death/Thrash kind of Metal that kills so much. This record is full of good surprises, awesome riffs and great ideas. The production is near perfect for a Thrash record.  The guitars roar like buzzsaws with ultra-catchy riffs, the drumming is tight and precise with great vocal lines to sing along to.  Obvious highlight tracks would be "Frozen Aggressor," "One For The Woods" and "By The Reaping Hook," but in any case the album destroys and desecrates you with surprising songs and raging Old School Thrash Metal anthems.

    Though all its greatness, a lot of Metalheads seem to forget this highly-overlooked classic. If you can get it on any format, do not hesitate. You will not be disappointed. Of course I'm not talking about goths, nu-metallers or mallcore rats....but you aren't one of those dipshits, are you?  **originally published on by ANGELRIPPER89**  Morbid Moon Records ‎– MMR 029 CD


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