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Altered Dead - Returned To Life LP


Altered Dead - Returned To Life LP

  • ALTERED DEAD (BC, Canada) - Returned To Life (2021) Limited to 98 numbered copies (on BLACK WAX) - Deluxe 12" vinyl pressed on 180gram, massive 350gram heavy cardboard single pocket sleeve with lyric sheet insert. The new LP from these Canadian death metallers offers a bizarre accentuation of known and loved tropes within the genre. All the trappings are there; the sludgy, down-tuned guitars, the unbridled atonality, the whimsy and playfulness of the riffcraft, the nods to Doom Metal along the way. The guitar tone itself is so bespoke that it places very real dictates on how the music actually takes shape. On the whole it’s a solid rendering of Autopsy meets Demilich. There is an undeniable groove and bounce to a lot of the riffs that gives them plenty of old school flavour.  Released by Fucking Kill Records (Germany) **Album review originally published at Hate Meditations**


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