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Amen - Amen CD

Amen - Amen CD

  • AMEN (USA) - (Self-Titled) CD (1999).  AMEN's Self-Titled debut album is a collection of socially conscious and/or self-analyzing Punk-Metal with lyrics as harsh and uncompromising as the band's aggressive, noisy sound. Produced by famed producer Ross Robinson, it must be said that all this makes for a bleak, humourless world view (and listen), but then again, this genre isn't about feel-good sounds; besides, it's refreshing to hear a hardcore Punk/Metal group taking on serious topics in a way that justifies the anger and frustration they project on record.  **this is the Canadian CD pressing from 1999**  Roadrunner Records – RR 8656-2, Attic – RR 8656-2


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