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Antichrist Siege Machine - Morbid Triumph CD


Antichrist Siege Machine - Morbid Triumph CD

  • ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE (Virginia, USA) - Morbid Triumph CD (2020 Krucyator Productions Re-issue) This EP was originally written and recorded on August 18th, 2017.

    "Morbid Triumph" is a bone-crushing 7-track EP packed with a good variety of memorable, catchy riffs and penetrating, ferocious drumming. This EP is solid in every aspect. The guitar is pretty consistent when it comes to keeping up with the groove and the speed of the drums. Most notes are tremolo picked but charged with a good variety of power chords. Pick slides can be heard throughout, adding that Conqueror/Revenge taste to it; Though "Morbid Triumph" leans more towards Diocletian's "Doom Cult" album.

    The vocals are harsh, low grunts charged with a lot of reverb which makes it blend perfectly with the chaotic drums and penetrating assault of the guitar thus creating a War Metal masterpiece packed with bestiality and rage. Highly recommend for fans of Diocletian, Proclamation, Black Witchery, Archgoat, Blasphemy, and War Metal in general. **originally published on by Esteroth666** 

    Jewel case CD with 4 page booklet
    ►Recorded and mixed by Bob Quirck
    ►Mastered by Arthur Rizk
    ►Artwork by Yuri Kahan


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