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ANTiSEEN - Blood of Freaks - The Singles 1989-1992 LP

ANTiSEEN - Blood of Freaks - The Singles 1989-1992 LP

  • ANTiSEEN (NC, USA) - Blood Of Freaks (The Singles 1989 - 1992) (sealed LP copy: colour unknown) 2012 Vault of ANTiSEEN Re-issue Series Vol. #7 - A collection of singles, EP's, radio broadcasts and other Antiseen rarities from 1989-1992. Deluxe gatefold packaging with liner notes and previously unpublished photos.

    Best known as the backing band on G.G. Allin's "Murder Junkies" LP, ANTiSEEN are a longstanding "Destructo-Rock" Punk act that first saw the light of day way back in 1983. Proudly based in North Carolina, the band embraced a strange combination of Redneck Rock, Punk, Pro-Wrestling and on-stage antics that garnered them a strong enough following to justify a coffee table book chronicling the band's adventures in 2006. - **album review by Chris True &** TKO Records ‎– TKO Round 187


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