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Apatheia - Konstelacja Dziur CD


Apatheia - Konstelacja Dziur CD

  • APATHEIA (Poland) - Konstelacja Dziur CD (2018).  I always find it interesting whenever a band goes for something a little different that helps spice up the album a little bit for whatever reason. Some bands can take whole albums to make a different sound from the last as they try to progress their sound forward with each record, and others revolve around a core style while switching things up from one track to the next to make the record one wild ride with plenty of twists. Polish Black Metal deviants, Apatheia went with the latter for their debut album and it’s executed with masterful expertise.

    A lot of times you can get a feel for what a band is going for when it comes to their sound by the third track if not sooner, it’s a basic observation. And while I knew that Apatheia was going to have a steady core of Black Metal as “Konstelacja Dziur” went on, each track felt different as this Polish trio isn’t afraid in the slightest of exploring some different areas that help bring tons of variety to the table that otherwise would’ve made the rest of the album quite monotone. Apart from the Black Metal, it’s the speed that’s really consistent in the eight tracks of “Konstelacja Dziur” as we’re greeted to many executions that range from a tasteful melodic approach to a straight up assault straight out of the world of Blackened Thrash that holds no punches. To say that Apatheia pulled these off wondrously wouldn’t be far from the truth as these guys do no less than smash the competition at every turn as “Konstelacja Dziur” gives us one reason after another to headbang right along to the sheer chaos that they put forth as they hop between different approaches whose variance in flavours is all but welcome.

    “Konstelacja Dziur” keeps things fresh time and again to result in an album that’s a devastating assault on the senses and stands incredibly strong as this young band's first effort.  **originally published on**  Godz Ov War ‎– GOWP MDCMLXVIII


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