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Atrocious Abnormality - Formed In Disgust CD


Atrocious Abnormality - Formed In Disgust CD

  • ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY (NC, USA) - Formed In Disgust CD (2016).  North Carolina Death Metal Machine Atrocious Abnormality are poised to strike with their highly anticipated second full-length CD, ‘Formed in Disgust’. A punishing follow up to their 2007 debut release ‘Echoes of the Rotting’, this new offering is a brutal combination of throat ripping guttural vocals and bowel shredding guitar riffs, together with an onslaught of merciless drumming and a bass bombardment of deadly precision.

    Ranging from fast technical sections, to slower haunting passages, to pit crushing slam and groove breakdowns, this album has something for everyone and will satisfy the ravenous hunger of the most discerning Brutal Death Metal cannibals. In addition to this outbreak of sickness, there are also some respectable guest vocalist featured throughout the album to maximize the blasphemous carnage. Artwork by Marco Hasmann **originally published on**  Comatose Music ‎– COMA 088


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