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Hank III's - Attention Deficit Domination LP

Hank III's - Attention Deficit Domination LP

  • HANK 3's Attention Deficit Domination (2011) Black gatefold vinyl. I must admit Hank 3 is a master of his craft, working as a drummer in Arson Anthem, a bass player in Superjoint & his Assjack stint makes Metal and Punk flow through him like you would not believe.

    There are several styles of 3 there Hellbilly, Country, Punk, Metal & Doom. This album demonstrates a bit of everything on here and all instruments have been done by Hank 3 himself. The bass is heavy and the guitars are thick and doomy. There are gems on this album and they including an all-time favourite, "I Feel Sacrificed" which is an ode to Doom Metal like a motherfucker! 

    He really puts his tone almost reminiscent of Layne Staley, which was a major influence on this album.  The songs on display here are definitely a statement about Hank 3's life itself...I mean just look at the cover, his shrine is meds, but "Living Beyond Doom" is a powerhouse punch in the jaw of super thick bass and drums.

    Demon's Mark is yet another super demonic ode to the lifestyle that kills all the great ones. The last song that rounds out the album is just eerie and lenghty nearing 10 minutes.  This album is considered a "must buy" if you like Hank 3 and his dark, heavier and way moodier side.   Hank 3 Records – H3-03


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