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Baroness - First & Second LP

Baroness - First & Second LP

  • Baroness (Georgia, USA) - "First & Second" (sealed/colour unknown) Housed in a gatefold jacket with guitarist/vocalist John Dyer Baizley's artwork (spread through the exterior, interior and printed dustsleeve), with silver foil stamp on both sides. This LP compiles the band's first two-3 song EP's from 2004-2005 - Almost everything about this compilation is amazingly addictive. The southern-style melodies, the great chugging riffs, the gratingly shouted vocals. The casual listener will hear this and say, "Wow, that's really good." The deeper listener can appreciate the depth of the music, understand the soul, chew the meat, and gaze into the eyes of Father Time himself, who can no more touch this album than you or I. Brilliant.


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