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Beyond Mortal Dreams - From Hell (Re-issue) LP

Beyond Mortal Dreams - From Hell (Re-issue) LP

  • BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS (Australia) - From Hell (2019 Nuclear Winter Re-issue on Black vinyl - limited to 300 copies worldwide. Beyond Mortal Dreams are a Dark Death Metal band hailing from Adelaide in South Australia. Spawned originally in 1995, BMD play an aggressive, destructive, dark style of Death Metal. Fast, heavy, savage and powerful, shredding solos and at times incorporating a dark atmospheric synth element.

    From Hell is the band's debut full-length album originally recorded and released back in 2008, first time on vinyl with all-new artwork and layout. 

    Incredibly atmospheric and progressive, yet brutal and dark Death Metal.  Highly recommended for fans of:  Incantation, Morbid Angel, Dead Congregation, Immolation and Craven IdolNuclear Winter Records – NWR071


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