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Black Breath - Sentenced To Life LP


Black Breath - Sentenced To Life LP

  • BLACK BREATH (Seattle WA, USA) – Sentenced To Life (2012) White vinyl (2015 Southern Lord Re-press) Clocking in at 33 minutes, "Sentenced To Life" spends every second of that time bludgeoning you into submission: no fat, no filler, just riff after memorable riff of persistent kegger Crust. Songs like "Of Flesh" and "Endless Corpse" even find the band expanding on their 80's Thrash palette, albeit in brief snippets that complement the Hardcore influences rather than hip check them aside.There's really not much more to be said… this album pretty much sells itself. In the famous words of Sir Mix-a-Lot, Seattle ain't bullshittin'. The vocal approach is pure crusty Hardcore, the riffs more often indulge in a tremolo-heavy sort of Death-Thrash style. While the drumming delivers enough D-Beats to please any longtime Discharge fan. Get Sentenced!!


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