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Blasphamagoatachrist - Bastardizing The Purity LP


Blasphamagoatachrist - Bastardizing The Purity LP

  • BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST (Brazil/Canada) - Bastardizing The Purity (2020) Black gatefold vinyl with A2 poster.  In 2018, Blasphamagoatachrist was first summoned by the Godz of War to continue the siege that its members had separately waged previously in such notorious hordes as Blasphemy, Goatpenis, and Antichrist (Canada).

    With its debut demo, “Black Metal Warfare,” the band laid to rest any skepticism that may have arisen prematurely in response to the thought of another Black Metal “supergroup” managing to bear the flame that its members’ main projects had first lit decades earlier. Blasphamagoatachrist now triumphantly returns with its debut full-length, “Bastardizing The Purity,” which further solidifies this cult as an entity of its own and one worthy of its members’ collective pedigree.

    As the demo did two years earlier, “Bastardizing The Purity” serves as a present-day example of the ferocity with which early-to-mid 90's Bestial Black Metal emasculated the more impotent varieties of output demonstrated by most contemporaries. Each irreverent hymn is propelled by the combined tactical strikes of Sabbaoth (bass) and Tyrant Virrugus (guitars), while Incinerator of Lacerated Angels and Coffin Destruction (drums) carpet bombs the battlefield, and Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds (vocals) commands the relentless annihilation from above.

    The final outcome of this eleven-track onslaught is one that establishes Blasphamagoatachrist independently above and beyond the list of pretenders to the throne of today’s Bestial Black Metal scene.  **originally published on**  Nuclear War Now! Productions ‎– ANTI-GOTH 485


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