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Blood Incantation - Hidden History of The Human Race CD


Blood Incantation - Hidden History of The Human Race CD

  • BLOOD INCANTATION (Colorado, USA) – Hidden History of The Human Race CD (2019). The band's 2nd full-length assault.  A dynamic foray into the realms of Progressive, Brutal & Atmospheric Death Metal. Hidden History of the Human Race features a smorgasbord of winding, serpentine riffing that calls to mind early 90's Technical Death Metal. 

    On the surface, one could simply write this album off as a Demilich or Nocturnus worship album from that description alone. But as we all know, Paul Riedl and co. are far more clever songwriters than to simply write a mere tribute album, as this release places just as much emphasis on painting a bleak, spacey atmosphere as it does technical proficiency.

    The tapestry of cosmic riffs and solos on display is interwoven with clean guitar licks that wouldn't sound out of place on a 70's psychedelic Prog album, as well as tasteful use of doomy funeral dirges that place the listener in the depths of outer space itself. The analogue recording technique that was utilized to give this album a vintage style production is icing on the cosmic cake that further enhances the album's extraterrestrial atmosphere without taking away from the ferocity of the band's lethal execution.  **originally published on by MeavyHetal.**  Dark Descent Records ‎– DDR236CD


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