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Bone Sickness - Theater Of Morbidity LP

Bone Sickness - Theater Of Morbidity LP

  • BONE SICKNESS (USA) – “Theater Of Morbidity” (2018) (Green vinyl) After years of quiet and safety on earth, the deranged freaks in Olympia, Washington's Bone Sickness re-emerged last year with a new album of 13 gore soaked nightmare visions of Ungodly-Sick-Death-Grind titled "Theater Of Morbidity". Hell Massacre Label is pleased to make this new masterpiece of terror and torment available on a proper 12” LP. Expect the putrefied sounds of Repulsion, Autopsy, and Terrorizer.  No triggers, no quantizing, no tech shit. Real brutality, real Death Metal. Green vinyl variant is limited to 500 copies.


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