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Buzzcocks - A Different Kind Of Tension (Double Digipak CD)


Buzzcocks - A Different Kind Of Tension (Double Digipak CD)

  • BUZZCOCKS (UK) - A Different Kind Of Tension (Double Digipak CD) (2010 EMI Re-issue).  This is the band's third studio album, originally released in September of 1979 by record label United Artists.

    This re-issue contains the full "A Different Kind Of Tension" album with all the associated singles - five of them, including the Parts 1-3 recorded with Martin Hannett and later collected on an American mini-album as well as the last track the group recorded in their first incarnation: "I Look Alone."

    As an added bonus, there is a second disc of demos from the period, including several hard to find songs like "The Drive System", "Jesus Made Me Feel Guilty", and Paddy Garvey's heart-rending "Run Away From Home."

    The set is rounded off with four BBC recordings from the same period, including an early outing for "Everybody's Happy Nowadays".  This key song set the tone for this much misunderstood period in the Buzzcocks' history.  EMI ‎– 724596943328, Mute Corporation ‎– 724596943328


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