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Buzzcocks - Love Bites CD


Buzzcocks - Love Bites CD

  • BUZZCOCKS (UK) - Love Bites (2001 EMI Australia Re-issue; including 4 bonus tracks). This is the second studio album released by the Buzzcocks in September of 1978, 6 months after their debut album "Another Music In A Different Kitchen." The record demonstrates both the Buzzcocks' perfection of their particular brand of Punk and their disillusionment with its restrictions. Producer Martin Rushent clarifies the elements of the sound even further, and Shelley's songwriting continues to improve. 

    In a retrospective review, BBC Music described "Love Bites" as an essential purchase for anyone remotely interested in Punk's history.  More musically accomplished, more obsessively self-questioning, and with equally energetic yet sometimes gloomy performances, Love Bites finds the Buzzcocks coming into their own.  **originally published on**  EMI ‎– 7243 534404 2 8


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