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Carach Angren - Lammendam CD


Carach Angren - Lammendam CD

  • CARACH ANGREN (Netherlands) - Lammendam (2008) (sealed CD copy) (2013 Season of Mist Re-issue CD featuring 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks).  This is the first full-length opus from Carach Angren.  Love, betrayal, murder and ghost stories are the ingredients this band uses to create one of the most epic, horrifying music pieces of all time. This chapter of the White Lady starts with “Het Spook van de Leiffartshof” (The Ghost of the Leiffartshof). We hear a lady that is out of breath, and is running away from something. This is yet the beginning of a horrific tale, with no happy ending. 

    All the works on this record are pleasantly scary. Carach Angren tried to create a certain spooky atmosphere, and with this album they certainly were successful at doing so.

    “Lammendam” is about a myth, the White Lady of Lammendam. She used to be a noble lady, but she cheated on her lovers. One killed another and the woman, so this is how the ghost was born.
    This story is carried throughout the record. All the songs are like chapters, and it’s a very refreshing way of listening to their unique music. 

    Heavily inspired by Classical Music and Black Metal, this combination of violins, keyboards, and Black Metal rampage is one of the best styles you'll ever hear. Songs like “A Strange Presence Near the Woods”, “The Carriage Wheel Murder” and “La Malédiction de la Dame Blanch” are fine examples of how Symphonic Black Metal should be played.

    There is a special role for the keyboards on “Lammendam”. Every single song on features them.  They accompany the rest of the instruments, but what is more important is that they strengthen the pure darkness on this album. They make this music epic, haunting and even though it’s kind of scary, it’s perfect.

    Overall, the entire record is a masterpiece, especially since it’s Carach Angren’s debut album. If you like Symphonic Black Metal, you should get this as soon as possible. Do not look away from this, but draw yourself into the Ghost stories of the haunted Lammendam**originally published on by SilentWolf**  Season Of Mist ‎– SOM 302


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