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Castrum - MediEvaluation CD

Castrum - MediEvaluation CD

  • CASTRUM (Ukraine) - MediEvaluation (compilation) (2014) Digipak CD - limited to 500 copies.  CASTRUM was formed way back in 1994, well over 20+ years as an active Melodic Death Metal act. This release is an anniversary edition, which contains some of their early demos, covers and other rare tracks.

    Musically speaking, Castrum always sounded unique.  They successfully mix atmospheric Death Metal together with catchy medieval atmosphere, and of course you’ll find some Thrash Metal tunes as well;  all made with the old-fashioned approach.

    With this anniversary CD comp, prepare for raw Old-School Death masscare, from technicality to just straight up shredding music, made on the edges of Death and Thrash Metal.  Accompanied by impressive melodic guitar solos which are scattered throughout. Also included is a killer cover version of Breaking the Law by Judas Priest**originally published on** Bloodbucket Productions (Canada) ‎– BPCD1320

    Tracks 1 - 4 taken from the "Flames By Impiety" demo (1996)
    Tracks 5 - 7 taken from the "Pleasure In The Deeds Of Horror" demo
    Tracks 8 - 9 taken from the "Phenomenonsense" sessions (2006)
    Track 10 - 11 recorded on July 2nd, 2009.
    Track 12 recorded on January 14th, 2010.


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