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Caustic Wound - Death Posture CD

Caustic Wound - Death Posture CD

  • CAUSTIC WOUND (Washington, USA) - Death Posture (2020) (sealed CD copy).  Pacific Northwest’s CAUSTIC WOUND (featuring members of Mortiferum, Cerebral Rot, Fetid, and Magrudergrind) play unrelenting and punishing Brutal Death-Grind that captures the aesthetic and palpitations of the classic Old-School era of the genre (not exceeding 1992 of course).

    Their debut album, “Death Posture” which follows their 2018 “Grinding Terror” demo, sounds like that foul relic that could have been produced in ‘88-91 while upholding a powerful, dark, murky yet unyielding production.

    “Death Posture” steers clear of (and lays waste to) the nowadays clinical, plastic and ornamental trappings of the modern-day Grind scene. In what will most likely despoil and maraud the majority of Death-Grind albums being released today, “Death Posture” renders total annihilation upon the feeble mortal coil.  **originally published on**  Profound Lore Records ‎– PFL-239


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