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Circle of Dead Children - Psalm of The Grand Destroyer LP

Circle of Dead Children - Psalm of The Grand Destroyer LP

  • CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN (‎Pennsylvania, USA)Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer (2010) Willowtip Records (sealed LP copy; colour unknown - limited to 500 copies) Circle Of Dead Children makes sure you feel every minute of "Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer " in your brain and in your gut, as every note and growl is meant to cause discomfort and provoke thought. This is truly a nihilistic collection of sonnets that view faith as a gelded concept, and hope as an outdated pipe dream that never had a chance to begin with. Their time spent laying dormant has birthed offspring both intelligent and malignant, and with time may grow into a standout among their catalogue, but for now it stands as one of the best damn no-bullshit grind albums in recent memory. Step into the circle, and smile at the rush of your impending demise.  **album review originally written by Jim Brandon** Willowtip ‎– WT-82-2


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