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Coffin Texts - Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife CD


Coffin Texts - Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife CD

  • COFFIN TEXTS (CA, USA) - Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife CD (2004) Limited to 500 copies.  For True Cult-Death Metal lovers, Brutalized Records (based in Colombia) is proud to present this re-issue CD edition of Coffin Texts' early release, "Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife".  Originally released as a demo back in 1997.  Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian culture, this band from Los Angeles, California offer dense and fast riffs with the influence of Old School Death Metal. This re-issue CD version includes 3 bonus cover songs originally written and performed by Slayer, Black Sabbath and Morbid Angel.  Brutalized Records ‎– BR-002


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