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Cruciamentum – Convocation Of Crawling Chaos 10” MLP

Cruciamentum – Convocation Of Crawling Chaos 10” MLP

  • CRUCIAMENTUM (UK) - Convocation Of Crawling Chaos 10” MLP (2021) (your choice of Swamp Green or Clear vinyl - both variants are limited to 250 copies each). The heathens of Cruciamentum assembled in 2009 with the intent of evoking the most abyssal of Death Metal violence, drawing on influences from dISEMBOWELMENT, Incantation, Immolation, Demigod, Rottrevore etc. but moulding these influences into something uniquely their own.

    The ‘Convocation of Crawling Chaos’ demo was hewn from the purest veins of sulphurous death; four tracks demonstrating a focused and merciless intent. The demo was released in a number of pressings, attracting the attention of various labels, before a deal was struck with Nuclear Winter Records for a brand new reissue, with new artwork from Alex Brown reflecting the swirling gates to the spheres of absurdity.   Nuclear Winter Records – NWR047


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