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Dalkhu - Lamentation And Ardent Fire Digipak CD


Dalkhu - Lamentation And Ardent Fire Digipak CD

  • DALKHU (Slovenia) - Lamentation and Ardent Fire (sealed Digipak CD) (2018).  Slovenia might not be the first country coming to mind when talking about high quality Black Metal but Dalkhu have delivered an absolutely strong effort with their 3rd full-length called “Lamentation and Ardent Fire”.

    Instead of trying to find a completely new sound, they took their inspiration from the big Scandinavian bands of the 90's and injected enough of their own DNA to make the music come across fresh and energetic. The main riffs might sound familiar but some of the chord progressions feel like a modern twist on something that has been written three decades ago.  Precisely because they are not instant, Dalkhu are more for those who require progressiveness, upgrades, and more from Metal that cannot be unequivocally marked with specific genre. This is a shining example of both bold and quality work.

    The greatest aspect of the album is how the harmonies of the lead guitars have been woven into the whole picture and how they work as contrast to the aggressive riff attacks. Dalkhu have a fantastic talent for creating haunting and beautiful melodies that feel melancholic and depressive but also offer a glimmer of hope at the same time. The band has worked with the interaction of sinister moments and lighter pieces and have melted all those elements into one great piece of dark and eerie art. 

    The production is also pretty much flawless. Dalkhu managed to perfectly balance a clear and powerful mix with enough rawness and grittiness. All instrument have enough room to breathe and each detail is perfectly audible. The drums are punchy without sounding too modern or sterile. Rounded of by an outstanding and classic cover artwork “Lamentation and Ardent Fire” is an album easily worth adding to your obscure Metal collection.  **originally published on by Edmund Sackbauer**  Godz Ov War ‎– GOWP MDXCIX


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