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Dark Triumph - The Shrine of 3 Moons... Digipak CD


Dark Triumph - The Shrine of 3 Moons... Digipak CD

  • DARK TRIUMPH (Colorado, USA) - The Shrine of 3 Moons (Digipak - limited to 300 copies (2020). This compilation includes all 3 Dark Triumph demos in their entirety - 16 blazing tracks ripped from the furthest depths of Hell's Inferno.

    Colorado's Dark Triumph are spear holders of the Ancient Black Metal spirit. They are following the footsteps of the originators of the genre but with its own North American characteristics offering sinister, Evil Pagan Black Metal. 

    Recommended for fans of : early Mayhem, Sadistik Exekution, Hellhammer, Beherit and Mystifier**originally published on** Tour De Garde Records (Canada)


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