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Dawnbringer - Night of The Hammer CD

Dawnbringer - Night of The Hammer CD

  • DAWNBRINGER (USA) - Night of The Hammer (2014) (sealed CD copy).  As a whole, NotH plays amazingly well and like the two previous Dawnbringer albums, there’s something very arcane and addictive about it that will keep drawing you back. It’s almost entirely based around a plodding, mid-tempo rumble, but the guitar harmonies make it feel far more lively than it is.

    There are so many tasty, Old School riffs from the  late 70's  and early 80's, it’s actually a bit mind-blowing. Making things all the better are Chris Black’s newly diverse and listenable vocals, and where they were somewhat of a liability in the past, they now remind me of something off a Hammers of Misfortune platter and make the material even more captivating and quirky.

    There's no pretension here. The songs are stripped down to the essentials – rumbling, retro guitar dialog and clarion-call vocal work. It's a refreshing take on the genre and revels in its simplicity.

    Three albums in a row and Dawnbringer seems to keep getting better even as their sound shifts into new and unusual places. If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you’re missing one of America’s best Metal bands, and Night of the Hammer is another laurel for them to rest on. Good thing for us Chris Black never seems to rest. And did I mention that awesome cover art? It’s obviously hammer time.  **originally published on** Profound Lore Records ‎– PFL 144


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