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Dayglo Abortions - Holy Shiite!!! LP

Dayglo Abortions - Holy Shiite!!! LP

  • DAYGLO ABORTIONS (BC, Canada) - Holy Shiite!!! (2004) (sealed LP copy; Black vinyl). Their 8th studio album has them poised to contaminate yet another generation!! "Holy Shiite!!!" is the last album to see Gymbo and the Canadian messiah, Jesus Bonehead. This record has everything you'll need to enjoy The DAYGLO ABORTIONS with a wide spectrum of lyrical content. You have songs about shit that pisses them off, stuff that they like, songs to make you laugh and songs that just rock!! From speedy riffs to heavy, Sabbath-esque dirges, the music is tight like a nun's fanny!! Love or hate them, hats go off to them for spending the last twenty-five plus years flying the flag of Canadian Punk Rock!! **originally published on** Unrest Records ‎– UNREST LP022


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