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Death By Stereo - We’re All Dying Just In Time LP

Death By Stereo - We’re All Dying Just In Time LP

  • DEATH BY STEREO (California, USA) We're All Dying Just In Time (2020) (sealed LP copy; Hot Pink vinyl - limited to 500 copies) Relentless since 1998, DEATH BY STEREO has been a driving force for over twenty years, without a single break in touring and recording. From the opening riff of “We’re All Dying Just in Time”, the band’s seventh studio album, and first since returning to the label where they first got their start, one can tell that the band has preserved the way they have by being themselves. The lyrics give hope to the band’s home state (Orange County, CA); hope through rebellion, optimism through criticism, and strength through reflection. “The current state of politics, specifically our current administration…the ideas were limitless; I had to consciously stop writing songs,” says frontman Efrem Schulz. Some Punk bands offer no more than bumper sticker pop that is dressed up to look threatening while others have broken up only to get back together when convenient. DEATH BY STEREO, for decades, have repeatedly destroyed definition by doing exactly what it is they want to do. **originally published on** Indecision Records ‎– IND127


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