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Deathrite - Nightmares Reign LP

Deathrite - Nightmares Reign LP

  • DEATHRITE (Germany) – Nightmares Reign (2018) The German killing machine return on their 4th studio album and debut for Century Media.  More sophisticated and focused than previous releases, here we find something more progressive, accentuated, and experimental. Things get off to a positive start, the ominous tones of When Nightmares Reign eventually give way to a welcome high octane rhythm piercing through the track. There’s a luscious solo from Andy Heinrich to boot too, and collectively it feels like the pre-cursor to something thrilling. Appetite For Murder strikes as a stompy affair while Bloodlust is a two and a half minute gut punch. The reverberating drums of Stefan Heinz add a commendable level of authenticity to the proceedings. When it all comes together, The claustrophobic production at work throughout the record adds extra layers of darkness to DEATHRITE's brutal tones.


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