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Departure Chandelier - The Black Crest of Death, The Gold Wreath of War CD


Departure Chandelier - The Black Crest of Death, The Gold Wreath of War CD

  • DEPARTURE CHANDELIER (Canada/USA) - The Black Crest of Death, The Gold Wreath of War CD (2019 NWN! Re-issue).  Originally released in 2011 on the Canadian Tour De Garde label, Departure Chandelier's demo recording, "The Black Crest of Death, The Gold Wreath of War," was recorded in 2010, a year after "Antichrist Rise To Power," the band's debut full-length which was completed in 2009.

    Departure Chandelier are a purposefully mysterious group. In keeping with Black Metal tradition, the pseudonyms given for the musicians leave little hint as to the actual identities of the members. According to their page on Metal-Archives, they've got members of Ash Pool and Akitsa, which should instantly tell you the high quality Black Metal contained within.

    Presented here are two tracks of perfectly executed atmospheric Black Metal with ominous ambient pieces serving as bookends to this excellent demo. While some bands' production level is simply lower as a matter of cost, the murky production on this album serves to add a foggy beauty to the captivating music created here. Given the high production standards of the aforementioned Ash Pool, it's quite obvious that this is an intentional artistic choice, and it serves this piece of art quite nicely.

    The harsh production and the simple yet gorgeous music perfectly sum up what drew me into black metal: the beauty behind the chaos. While two tracks is a bit short for an album, this demo clocks in at just under twenty minutes and is the perfect introduction to an amazing band.

    This album as a whole is both challenging and enticing. This isn't the most confrontational or aggressive album you'll hear, but it's one of the most palatable CD's to join your collection in quite some time.  "The Black Crest of Death, The Gold Wreath of War" forms an essential piece of the Departure Chandelier discography, and, as such, is made widely available again with this reissue thanks to Nuclear War Now! Productions (USA). **originally published on**  Nuclear War Now! Productions ‎– ANTI-GOTH-471



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