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Disclose - Yesterday's Fairytale Tomorrow's Nightmare LP

Disclose - Yesterday's Fairytale Tomorrow's Nightmare LP

  • DISCLOSE (Japan) - Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare (2015 La Vida Es Un Mus Re-issue on 180gram Black vinyl.  The final full-length Disclose released, in 2004, captured the band at a high point. When other D-Beat, Raw Punk bands were running low on ideas, vocalist Kawakami reinvented the sound, incorporating more metallic influences like Broken Bones while still sticking assiduously close to the template.

    Originally released for Disclose's tour of the US West Coast, "Yesterday's Fairytale Tomorrow's Nightmare" includes ten tracks and closes with a rampaging masterpiece, the 10-minute "Wardead," which exists on another astral plane from generic Discharge copyists. Now available again on 180gram Black vinyl. Imported from the UK - La Vida Es Un Mus – MUS96


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