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Disfear - Soul Scars LP

Disfear - Soul Scars LP

  • DISFEAR (Sweden) - Soul Scars (Black vinyl - 2020 Havoc Records Re-press of this 1994 classic Swedish Hardcore album).  DISFEAR built upon the foundations of early 80's Swedish Raw Punk and "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" era DISCHARGE. The result is an unrelenting barrage of ferocity that will have you pounding your fist and banging your head. This record caused a real stir when it was first released. At the time, people were critical of the new wave of "dis" bands aping DISCHARGE. But rather than a homage or a slavish copy, DISFEAR and their contemporaries were moving this style of Hardcore forward into a unique and new style of Swedish Hardcore Punk. **originally published on** Havoc Records ‎– HC 1255, La Familia Releases ‎– MEMBER 40+33


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