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Doombringer - The Grand Sabbath LP

Doombringer - The Grand Sabbath LP

  • DOOMBRINGER (Poland) – The Grand Sabbath (2014) Limited edition on Silver vinyl. Housed in a textured case-wrapped jacket with a large 24″x24″ poster and an A3 insert. In recent years, Doombringer has been responsible for some of the most unholy emanations from the bleak region of Poland. After several magnificent demos and 7" inch releases, Doombringer now unleashes its debut full-length, "The Grand Sabbath." This album is a triumphant exaltation of darkness. The band, which features members of Bestial Raids and Cult's des Ghoules, has spent considerable time arriving at this point, and their dedication is manifest.  Ugly riffs favor Death Metal grime in the slower sections and more Blackened, unholy terror when the band incorporates speed into their demonic sound. Released by Nuclear War Now! Productions


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