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Drawn And Quartered - The One Who Lurks CD


Drawn And Quartered - The One Who Lurks CD

  • DRAWN AND QUARTERED (Washington, USA) - The One Who Lurks CD (2018).  The band’s seventh full-length album finds them back tweaking what they do best: making subterranean, growling, and altogether brutalizing Death Metal. The production for The One Who Lurks is more in-line with their early works, but the studio has been updated and upgraded, making Drawn and Quartered sound much younger than their career suggests.

    Despite being in their 25th year as a Death Metal outfit, The One Who Lurks sounds not dissimilar to the newer wave of Death Metal miscreants paying homage to the Old School.  This is a fantastic slab of savage Death Metal and a great piece of dark art.  Recommended for fans of:  Incantation, Dead Congregation, Immolation, and Cruciamentum. **originally published on**  Krucyator Productions ‎– KP014


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