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Ectoplasma - Spitting Coffins CD

Ectoplasma - Spitting Coffins CD

  • ECTOPLASMA (Greece) - Spitting Coffins CD (2020 Krucyator Re-issue).  Originally written and released in 2016, this is the band's debut full-length album.  There are many highlights to bring attention to here.  Starting with the perfectly executed riffs, often accompanied by some nice and surprisingly catchy lead harmonies. Ectoplasma manage to walk the fine line between having implemented enough hooks and straight rocking parts, but also some accords that might give them a bit more of their own identity. The drumming is as you might expect on point, sometimes more dominant, but always very groovy at the same time. The songs are quite short and very tight, packed with all you are going to ask for.

    The production is a bit rough around the edges and something they have improved upon for their following outputs, but it's still fitting and absolutely serviceable. Fans who like their Death Metal raw and gritty will just love the sound on “Spitting Coffins.”  If you are among those always looking for more quality Old School Death Metal, you certainly cannot go wrong here.  **originally published on by Edmund Sackbauer**  Krucyator Productions ‎– KP034

    ►Jewel case CD with 8 page booklet
    ►Recorded, mixed & mastered at Clepsydra Studio by Panagiotis Misdeal
    ►Artwork by by Konstantinos The Monk


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