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Eggs of Gomorrh - Rot Prophet (Re-issue) CD


Eggs of Gomorrh - Rot Prophet (Re-issue) CD

  • EGGS OF GOMORRH (Switzerland) - Rot Prophet CD (2020 Krucyator Re-issue).  Originally written in Sept. 2014 and first released in June of 2016 by Vault of Dried Bones (Canada).  Rot Prophet is a grimy slab of unrelenting War Metal, complete with a bestial ululating vocal performance, hammer-to-the-face riffage and unrelenting drumming. Eggs of Gomorrh put their money where their mouth is and jackhammer the listener with an onslaught of riffs that tow the line between Black Metal and Brutal Death Metal.  For something evidently based in Black Metal, this is just preposterously brutal. 

    “Atmospheric” is pretty much the last word I’d use to describe Eggs of Gomorrh, but all the insane riffs and hammer blasts on this album kind of bleed together into this filthy and depraved atmosphere. The album sounds like the soundtrack to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The vocals add to this Hellish atmosphere. They’re definitely more on the Brutal Death Metal side of things, being a particularly guttural growl.  Eggs of Gomorrh prove that War Metal is alive and as bestial as ever with Rot Prophet. Their debut is a raw slab of Hellish Metal festering with the filth of the dark underbelly of the imagination. Eggs of Gomorrh add no frills and take no prisoners. Rot Prophet is a devastating first assault.  **originally published on by Thumbman** Krucyator Productions ‎– KP30


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