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Ellorsith - Orbhàis LP


Ellorsith - Orbhàis LP

  • ELLORSITH (Nova Scotia, Canada) - Orbhàis (2018) Black vinyl.  The enigmatic presence known as Ellorsith returns with their new EP Orbhàis. Continuing their pattern of a new release every two years (following their 2014 debut "1959" and the 2016 Split with Mannveira), Ellorsith delivers a new 20-minute themed opus. Reverse board printed jacket with insert, also includes digital download card.

    Ellorsith (or "ellorsíþ") is Old English for a journey into the unknown, a kenning for death.  The production of Orbhàis is clean enough to hear every aspect of the music. The drumming, vocal work, and guitars give each other enough time to shine and strike the listener in such a way, that he/she has no alternative but to sit in paralytic awe and experience first hand this exposure to excellence.

    What Ellorsith has done exceedingly well, is take a concept, appoint it to their brand of Black/Death Metal and let the theory take precedence, thus resulting in an imbuing bond of music, mysticism and malign. It is here that many bands fail due to the music being vastly asymmetrical to the narrative. The outlining factor of the final fruit should not be the Idea, rather; it should be the execution and presentation of the idea.  In which the end result here, is fully realized.  **originally published on by Cosmic Mystery**  Dark Descent Records ‎– DDR197LP



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